My life experiences, helps me help you.

Technical Training to be a Structural Steel Detailer and Erection Drawing Planner/Detailer. Managed a Steel Service Center and First Line Production Orders. Estimator for Commercial Metal Stud and Sheetrock construction. Started a Construction Company that provided Deep Foundation Support for existing and new construction. Successfully sold the company. President/CEO of an original manufacturing company in the Deep Foundation Industry. I answered to a Board of Directors and my report card was the Financial Balance Sheet. The business was sold successfully to a Publicly Traded Company. Started an internet radio station that focused on talk radio where the guest had for the most part First Hand information on the subject. Retired Military Special Force people, Retired CIA, authors, and many other amazing people. I have interviewed many War Heroes and Patriots. Internet radio is now a hobby. I have known Bobbi Bash for a while and over a few years Bobbi suggested I get my Real Estate license because she knew how much I LOVED the Lake of the Ozarks and she saw I liked people! So I did!
Thank you!

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"Success is waking from failure to failure with no loss of Enthusiasm"

Winston Churchill